At KL Packaging we stock a variety of boxes to meet the needs of specialised customers as well as the general public. We are involved directly in the manufacturing process thereby ensuring the best possible prices. Apart from keeping stock size boxes

                        PALLET WRAP This is a clear plastic film manufactured in various microns (thicknesses).  It can be stretched over goods to keep a load tight. Use

                             SFK or Corrugated Cardboard Rolls SFK ROLLS are corrugated cardboard sold as a roll. These rolls display excellent strength. 

                          We have some of the most affordable deals you’ll find for a wide range of compatible inks and toners.  Our prices are outstanding on the or

                            We supply a complete range of Strapping namely: Hand stapping and Automatic strapping. 

Bubble wrap is a protective packaging solution.  It protects goods against abrasion, shock, vibration, falls, dust, etc. Bubble wrap is used extensively in industry, small businesses and for domestic purposes like moving house. Other Uses:

Information such as Company name, logo, contact details, and other customised details can be printed on your tapes. Printed tapes secure your goods during transportation or warehousing.  Pilfering can easily be detected should interference be

We supply all sizes and any quantity of good quality, durable boxes, bubble wrap, mattress covers and other protective packaging to making any Office or House moving easy and keep your items protected.  These boxes are stackable and long last